Thursday, February 28, 2013

Causes body odor

In a new scientific study, the scientists have in Germany to cause emission of odors from the body when you sweat, noting that the reason is due to the presence of a molecule protein called "ABC C 11" working on the transfer of molecules sweat-causing odors unpleasant to outer surface of the skin.

The researchers pointed out that after the arrival of the molecules of sweat to the skin surface analysis by the bacteria that leads to the exit of material responsible for the traditional smell of sweat.

The study also showed also that there is a difference genetically significantly between Asians and Europeans in question sweating, where there ratio ranging from 30 to 100% of Asians, according to the region, which are descended from not issued them smell sweat can be observed, due to the protein carrier "er NPCC 11 "is effective with these people for genetic reasons.

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